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session d'automne 2022

troisième session de la formation gai-risseur de nelly grosjean ; six jours en live et trois jours en présentiel en septembre et octobre 

five days to lose weight...

five days with nelly grosjean to lose weight, volume, pain lightly, permanently and gain vitality!

nelly's number 1 cure

this module includes the three cures: aromatherapy naturally, the breathing ritual and the discovery kitchen, the CRUsine aromatic'.

les secrets de l'aromathérapie naturellement

deux week-ends “émerveillants, illuminants” au mois de septembre et octobre en live !

the aromatic CRUse

simple, appetizing, fast and delicious a zest of charm a dose of love. Tell me what you eat, I'll tell you who you are!

nelly's breathing ritual

my breathing ritual is within everyone's reach. The practice of ten to five minutes in the morning and/or evening is the first step towards YOUR health.

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  • natural health advice
  • zero waste recipes
  • my beauty tips
  • an online community
  • love bubbles for PEACE

free ebooks

  • Zen Detox Aromatic Cure, volumes 1, 2 and 3
  • emergency aromatic recipes
  • aromatherapy beauty
  • the square of singles
  • hydrosol my friend


we donate the profit of all the cures and trainings to foundations that help the children of the world, that plant trees... that work for peace: fondation voix libres, fondation nelly grosjean...

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